Tyra's Top Secret Project

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Re: Tyra's Top Secret Project

Unread post#11 » 04 Jan 2015 21:31

nice that you recolored it a bit + the squares.
i've already pointed out, that one of the "tomato-zones" is actually a nice spot. BUT only for players that know what they are doing, preferred in a toon. most ppl going there are actually tomatos and will not influence the game by much :)

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Re: Tyra's Top Secret Project

Unread post#12 » 07 Jan 2015 13:14

Part 1 - Swamp is done and sent to FTR

Part 2 will cover Himmelsdorf. I'd welcome any replays, screenshots, tips, funny stories or whatever else you have. Deadline cca Jan 20.
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Re: Tyra's Top Secret Project

Unread post#13 » 07 Jan 2015 13:30

Himmelsdorf south: Go hill

Himmelsdorf north: Go drown

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Re: Tyra's Top Secret Project

Unread post#14 » 07 Jan 2015 17:09

Both sides actually having 3 "similar" position.

Southern Base left of church behind houses ( k 3/4 ) for shooting hill, railroads for shooting railroads or hill, but can be spottet easily.

Somewhere at K7 is a gap between houses for shooting on hill, when they broke to far on the castle side on the hill they can spot you when you fire.

K0 Shooting stuff moving up the hill, the lower the gun arc of the arty you use the more likeley you can tk one of your own :trollface:

Northern Base.

Obvious A 1/2 behind Trainhouse, railroads hill. Base A5 Shooting Hill, A0 Shooting Hill stuff going up, same problem with low arcs, you will hit your teammates on a certain rng % when they do hill poking.
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